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Home Care Services

Diabetes Management

While there is currently no cure for diabetes, the disease can be effectively managed with medication administration, Blood sugar monitoring, diet, and exercise. Better Care can customize a program that helps manage diabetes by providing the following:

  • Assessment of patient's condition
  • Instruction of patient's and families on monitoring blood glucose levels
  • Dietary counseling and meal planning
  • Medication teaching
  • Awareness of drug interaction
  • Treatment of feet and other skin issues
  • Circulatory needs
  • Assessment for need of adaptive equipment and occupational therapy
  • Coordination of community services
  • Meal planning

Diabetes Management Home Care Program Goals:

  • Establish independence and management of diabetes and medications
  • Increase patient's ability to control their diabetes
  • Encourage patients to have good quality of life with the disease
  • Evaluate and instruct for home safety
  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • Medication Administration