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Who we are

Who we are

Better Care Home Health Care Agency specializes in providing in-home care to people in need, carefully matching their personalities to ensure comfortable and safe living. We have grown by recommendations of clients who were very pleased with the outstanding services they have received. We have quickly become known as highly focused quality service. We render professional, warm, and compassionate care that enables our clients to live independently in the comfort of their own homes. At Better Care, we give you comprehensive guidance and services; we feel that HOME is the BEST place for HEALTHCARE!

Karine Tukmanian, RN, MSN

Director of Nursing

Karine has an innate desire to help people. Her choice in her professional career is reflective of this quality, as a Registered Nurse she has worked for Better Care Home Health Care Agency for over 6 years. As the Director of Nursing she is responsible for supervising the clinical performance of the employees. She is intricately involved with each case making sure all clients have the most optimal care!

Prior to working for Better Care, Karine has used her nursing education and skills in a variety of settings. Over the course of 25 years, her education and experience are the perfect combination for the position she holds at Better Care. As a Charge Nurse at the Tashkent Medical Center, many saw her superb ability to care directly for the patients, keep accurate records, and monitor patient’s progress. She was quickly promoted to Nursing Supervisor and was in charge of organizing and coordinating schedules for nurses and staff based on the needs of the patients. Karine knew there was a need for more assistance within nursing and rehabilitation centers. As a charge nurse at the Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, she would perform her duties and give primary nursing care to the patients. As patient’s were ready to move forward with their recovery and go home, Karine saw that many patients were not receiving proper care once they left the facility! Some would return and have to begin rehabilitation all over again.

As a person who saw a greater need to provide people with better home care, Karine decided a career in home health care would be the most fulfilling. Knowing how important the need is for individuals trying to retain their lives at home. Karine knew that people mend better in their own environment and show quicker progress. As a Director of Nursing for Better Care, she works tirelessly to make sure that any individual in need of service gets the best possible care. She evaluates the needs and wants and creates a program that guides and supports people to maintain their health and well-being. You can feel confident and reassured that you or your loved one is in good hands!

Natali Popova, RN

Nursing Supervisor

Natali began her career in health care career over 20 years ago. Today she serves as Nursing Supervisor for Better Care. Natali has a wide range of nursing skills beginning within The Tashkent Scientific Research Institute, where she would education patients on proper care and perform necessary checkups. Natali would eventually work privately and conduct a wide range of assessments for patients with various needs.

Natali would care for each of her patients not only with performing all of her nurse duties but educating them as well. It was always the most important to her that patients understand the proper way to care for themselves. She has always offered complete care. Natali is known by many people she services as someone who takes her time. She always wants to answer all your questions and engage in extensive conversation to ensure understanding.

Natali recognized a need to move beyond the office to care for people. She realized many patients needed home assistance and education and now she wanted to bring them this service, so she changed career paths to become a Field Nurse. Having an at home visit, Natali can evaluate what the individual needs to live well and independently. Here at Better Care we know people need proper care and education, Natali exhibited a stellar example of this and she was quickly promoted to Nursing Supervisor. She is in charge of conducting monthly training to all staff members. By assessing and evaluating the needs of every individual, she is sure they receive the proper care needed. Natali is a true asset to the Better Care Team, and having her here to assist only guarantees the most excellent care!